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Pearlville School is committed to an academically rigorous, but student-centred learning. This learning experience enables students to embrace responsibility for their learning. Teachers guide and encourage students to ask constructive questions, listen well, and become creative problem solvers as they work towards defined goals. Teachers work as partners with students to achieve and share enthusiasm for learning and the pursuit of mastery. Regardless of students’ background, PS requires all students to meet our clearly defined high expectations for academic achievement and conduct.

The PS uses both the American National Common Core Standards and Nigerian National Curriculum for instructional delivery and assessment. The curriculum is standards-based, university-preparatory and focuses on Mathematics, English & Literature, Integrated Science, Social Studies & Civic Education, Computer Studies, French, Art, Music, Home Economics, Agricultural Studies, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Security Education, Igbo, Christian Religious Studies. from grade 7 through grade 8, and concentrates on Integrated Math; Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics; History; Geography, Social Sciences; Languages; The Arts (visual and performing arts, music) and Information Technology from grade 9 through grade 12 Some parts of the curriculum are modified to suit the needs of our students within the school locality.

The American SAT exam will be taken in grade 12. Students can choose to sit for the IGCSE/NECO/SSCE/WAEC and other accredited exams of choice. The versatile tests enable students to continue higher education in any part of the world of interest. PS understands that every student is unique in his/her own way and as such uses many teaching strategies to maximize learning. Teaching strategies reflect and cater to the different learning needs and styles of the students. To encourage creativity and develop a deep quest for learning, instruction is inquiry/problem-based, collaborative, and student-centred.

CURRICULUM CORE VALUES: Application-based Instruction, Inquiry & Discovery-based Learning, Assessment-driven Instruction.

Exams, weekly continuous assessments such as tests, quizzes, projects, homework, oral presentations, and lab reports are used to assess the progress of each student. End-of-term exams are taken three times a year in December, March, and June.

Grades 7 – 9 (JSS 1-3)
a) Core Subjects: Math, English Language & Literature, Basic Science & Technology, Social studies.
b) Foundation Subjects: Igbo, French, Music, Art, Health/Physical Education, Home Economics, Computer studies, Religious studies, Agricultural Science, Business Studies and Civic Education.
c) Trade Subjects: Entrepreneurship Education and Security Education.

Grades 10 – 12 (SSS 1 – SSS 3)
Subjects offered: Maths, English & Literature, History, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics, Visual Arts, Data Processing, Civic Education, Technical Drawing, Accounting, Geography, Leadership and Ethics, Information Technology, Economics, French, Food and Nutrition, Christian Religious Studies, Agricultural Studies.