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Pearlville School is happy to introduce the Leadership and Ethics Program (LEP) to our students; a program that prepares students to be citizens’ leaders. In line with the principles of our school: “Pride in Learning and Leading”, the LEP constitutes an integral part of the school curriculum and overall school culture. The LEP reflects a value system that grows out of a clear view of the world, an understanding of the needs and rights of people, and a sense of obligation to the needs and standards of others, the society and self.
We believe that with the competitive and fast-changing political, social and economic climates of the world, the leadership program will prepare students with skills to examine complex problems within and outside of their society, and recognize that complex problems demand complex solutions and constant reinforcement.


In line with the core values and mission of the school; to nurture learners and leaders, and under the guidance and supervision of the Activities Director, Mr. Noncom, the learners have formed a Student Interactive Forum (SIFO). SIFO is a student-based platform in Pearlville School where all learners come together to interact, debate and deliberate on how to help the school so the school can help them grow and develop academically, socially, physically, morally and intellectually. The forum is like a parliament where learners display their LEADERSHIP skills/qualities in managing themselves and other school-related issues such as bullying and other negative behaviours. They also discuss strategies to adopt to assist academically struggling learners.