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Pearlville School offers full boarding for all students. At Pearlville School, the hostels are not just places to sleep. They are homes away from homes; students’ personal space in a larger community, where they learn the life skills and confidence to live independently. The boarding life provides opportunities for students to socially interact, solve problems and learn from one another outside of the classroom walls. All rooms in the hostels are en-suite with individual convenience, closets and shelves. Each hostel has a student lounge for socializing, equipped with couches, TV, recreational equipment, and music system. The individual hostels are supervised by live-in staff members called the house parents.
The house parents create a community environment in which there is spontaneity and fun, and where every student feels safe and valued within the hostel family. The house parents also act as mentors, role models, teachers and advisors. They take their roles as caretakers very seriously and, as a team, they work hard to establish a sense of community within the dormitory. House parents are responsible for communication about the well-being of the students with their families, advisors, the Dean of Students Office, and the Health Center. House parents begin their work in the morning at 5:30 a.m. Student sign-ins and sign-outs are done at 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. every day. By 9:30 p.m., all rooms are checked and all students are signed off for the night in their rooms. Students are expected to keep their rooms regularly clean and safe. Rooms are inspected three times a week and appropriate disciplinary action is taken against students whose rooms consistently fail the inspection criteria.

The Dean of Students coordinates all weekend activities. Weekend activities include birthday celebrations, movie nights, achievers’ party, sports competitions, vocational skills acquisitions, cultural activities, religious activities, in/out-of-school events. In-school activities are school-sponsored recreational events. Out-of-school events consist of visits to areas of interest within and outside of the state. Students are offered the opportunity to sign up and attend trips/excursions/events. All school rules apply to school trips. In addition, students must follow the out-of-school rules in the student handbook.